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Zeng Jinlian
Zeng Jinlian
Height: 8 ft 1.75 in (248cm)
Birth: 26 June 1964
Hunan, China
Death: 13 February 1982
Hunan, China

Zeng Jinlian (26 June 1964 - 13 February 1982) was one of 17 people to suprass 8 feet, (244cm).

Zeng Jinlian was born on 26 June, 1964, in Hunan province. She was quick growing since her birth. Zeng Jinlian became the tallest woman verified in modern times, in 1981, surpassing Jane Bunford's record. In the year between Don Koehler's death and her own, she surpassed fellow "eight-footers" Gabriel Estêvão Monjane and Suleiman Ali Nashnush. Zeng's growth patterns were close to those of Robert Wadlow, the tallest person.


Zeng Jinlian died on February 13, 1982. After the death her family given her body, to one of hospitals near the village, to find what caused her death. Her family accepted to store her body for medical research. According to one source the skeleton measures 8 ft 1.75 inches (2.48m).

Height Chart

Age Zeng Wadlow
4 5 feet 1.5 in or 1.56cm 5 feet 3 in or 159cm
13 7 feet 5 in or 2.18cm 7 feet 2 in or 2.18cm
16 7 feet 10 in or 2.40cm 7 feet 10.5 in or 2.40cm
17 8 feet 1.75 in or 2.48cm 8 feet 0 in or 2.43cm