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Vikas Uppal
Vikas Uppal
Height: 8 ft 2 in (248.9cm)
Birth: 1 January 1986
Rohtak, India
Death: 30 June 2007

Vikas Kumar "Vicky" Uppal (1 January 1986 - 30 June 2007) was one of 19 people, to reach height, of 8 foot (244cm). Vikas a native and resident of India, who was believed to be India's tallest man, until his death, on 30 June 2007, due to failed operation in Delhi, India.


Was a native and resident of India, said to be India's tallest man until his death on 30 June 2007 when he died during a failed brain tumor operation in Delhi, India. Vicky Uppal was from the Rohtak district in the Indian state of Haryana. He was photographed on September 2006 at a rally held by the Indian National Lok Dal. He also acted in a Bollywood movie

On 2004 The Tribune reported him to be 2.51 m (8 ft 3 in) tall and still growing He was thought to be 2.67 m (8 ft 9 in) tall; however, have been reported otherwise to be an unconfirmed 2.48 m (8 ft 1.75 in) tall, and as was born in 1986 was most likely that he could grow no further. He could have been considered the world's tallest living man, but the Guinness Book of Records has strict verification criteria; hence, did not measure Uppal. He also had been said to have hands 33 cm (13 in) long and feet 48 cm (19 in) long. Although it stays unconfirmed. On 30 June 2007 Vikas Uppal died, due to failed operation, on his brain tumor, in Delhi, India. After his death, his body was believed, to be cremated, or destroyed.

Debunked Rumor

According to The Tallest Man, non-active site, which debunked many giants. Vikas Uppal apppeared in photographs to be proportionate, not obviously a pathological (acromegalic, for example) giant, if that would be true he would be tallest non-disease giant. Although it is now likely Debunked, since Rang De Basanti clips suggest, that he was Acromegalic. Also, in other version, of video about him, it suggest that his height was caused by Gigantism (now confirmed), and likely acromegaly. Some people also believe, that he was killed especially (likely not true).