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Ho Van Trung
Ho Van Trung
Height: 8 ft 5.35 in (257cm)
Birth: 1984/85
Cau Mao, Vietnam
Death: 2 November 2019
Cau Mao, Vietnam

Ho Van Trung (1984/85 - 2 November 2019) was one of only 18 inviduals to reach over 8 feet (244cm) or more in height. He was also considered, as tallest living person, from around May 2019, when he broke the record, of tallest living person, which belonged back them to Sultan Kosen, of Turkey, and was holding the record until his death, on 2 November 2019. Ho Van Trung was the tallest man in South Asia, as well the tallest person in Vietnam. He is also 4th-Tallest person in history.


Ho Van Trung Was born in 1984 or 1985, in Cao Mau, Vietnam. He was first children in family of 4 siblings, his parents were selling drag fishes and fruits to get money. According to Trung's father, Trung's height was normal, before age 17, few months after turning 17 he suffered from Malaria, after recovering from it, he suffered from fever for more than 2 weeks, after some hospitalization, his fever stopped, however he were becoming taller, and his body was heavier.

In year 2006 he was playing as a Volleyball player, in local team, by the time, he was 21, and about 6 ft 7 in (200cm) tall. At year 2014 he grew up to 7 ft 8.5 in (2.35cm) tall and weighting 110kg (244 pounds). Few years ago Trung fell while he was working as a farmer, and discolated his knees, broken his finger and flipped his left foot.

In October 2018 trung told his family about bad felling, dizzies, and back pain. They drove him into a local hospital; General Cau Mau Hospital. By the time he was 8 ft 1 in (246cm), and his family bought for him bed which was 2.60cm or 8 ft 6.5 in. [1]He was diagnosed with Kidney Failure, stage 5 and Serve Chronic Anemia, and few other diseases. By the time he was getting noticed by many people, and few news stations reported, that he is over 8 ft 2.5 in (2.50cm) [2], his bed got actually measured, and proven to camera, at 8 ft 6.5 in (2.60cm). His foot were measured at 1 ft 3 in (37cm), and his hands at 11.5 in (29cm), later his hands were reported to be 12.8 in (32cm).

Later, on May 2019 he grew to 8 ft 4.5 inches [3] (255cm) [4] Trung was hospitalized in the hospital, for more than a year, but it didn't gave any better result. By the time of one week he grew over 3 inches (8cm), and it was noticed even by his doctors. Later in october 2019 he underwent colon surgery, to cure his disease. Trung died in morning (or night of 1st/2) November 2019, only week after his surgery, due to inflammatory bowel disease. [5] According to people, who made his casket, his final height was 9 ft 0.75 in (2.75cm), nearly 9 ft 1 in (2.76cm), to casket which was 9 ft 10 in (3.00cm).




File:Anh Hồ văn Trung ở cà mau cao 2,5m hiện tại hoàn cảnh anh đang rất khó khăn vì ba mẹ đã