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Brahim Takioullah
Brahim Takioullah
Height: 8 ft 1 in (246.3cm)
Birth: 26 January 1982

Brahim Takioullah (born 26 January 1982) is a Moroccan-French man who once held the Guinness World Records for largest foot, he is also second tallest verified living man.


He is a Moroccan man who formerly held the Guinness World Record for largest feet and is officially the second-tallest living person, also one of 18 verified people to reach 8 feet or more in height.

Personal Life

Takioullah was born in Guelmim, Morocco, in 1982. At the age of 18, he had been asked by his school doctor to get a blood test, for his "unusual" size. Diagnosed with acromegaly, Takioullah, in a single year had 1-metre (3.3 ft) high growth spurt. After obtaining his university degree in geography, a French doctor brought Takioullah to Paris in 2006, for treatment. His treatment was successful as his tumour was removed and the growth hormone level in his blood was brought down to normal. His heart was also reported in a good condition.

Takioullah had difficulties finding a pair of European size-58 shoes. He once asked a cobbler to make him a pair of made-to-measure shoes, but he was told that they would cost up to 3,500 euros. His orthopedic podiatrist, Jerome Liegeon, fitted him with a specially made pair of shoes, specifically designed to support his weight. Takioullah works for an attraction parc, "Saint-Paul", near the city of Beauvais, about 80 km (50 mi) north of Paris. People can take pictures with Brahim, who has now also obtained French nationality.


Surpassing former record-holder, Sultan Kösen, Takioullah became the Guinness World Record holder for world's largest feet on a living person, on 24 May 2011. His left foot measures 38.1 centimetres (1 ft 3 in), and his right 37.5 centimetres (1 ft 2.8 in).

With a height of 2.46 metres (8 ft 1 in), after the Death of Ho Van Trung, Takioullah is the second–tallest living person behind Sultan Kosen of Turkey, and tied with Morteza Mechrzad.